#11 – Mexico, Oaxaca

Id heard a few people mention the word ´dreamy’ when talking about Oaxaca, both the city itself and also the state. Having stayed 3 nights, it has all seemed to flash by in a dream like state. You know, that kind of strange feeling you sometimes get when you are recovering from being ill, a bit unattached and distant, borderline out of body, as you float around contentedly. No? Ok, maybe just me then.

Longer blog to follow at some point… For now here are some snaps

One thought on “#11 – Mexico, Oaxaca

  1. That waterfall rock feature was a stunnnnnning capture James and loved the tree in that pool snap… Quite an adventure… MK looks quite tame, I’m sure we must have a wild rock pool and stone waterfall somewhere here!! I need to get out more!! Back to the garden jungle now for me I’m in cutting down mode! Cheers…. x

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