#33 – India, Agra & Delhi

Arriving into Agra train station we brace ourselves for an onslaught of touts. Before leaving the relative safety of the station we stop by a shop at the train station to ask the rough price of a taxi to the Taj, which we are hoping to do in a day and get back to the train station and off to Delhi later that evening.

He gives us a rough price and we walk outside armed with our limited knowledge, and while there are a huge number of taxi and rickshaw drivers everywhere you look, we weren’t quite being manhandled as much as expected.


#32 – India, Udaipur &, Jaipur

Having seemingly already given up on catching our connecting flight to Udaipur, we brainstorm our next options.

Do we completely write off the Udaipur flight and head straight to the train station in the hope of getting an overnight train to Udaipur, Jaipur, or just anywhere other then Delhi? The only thing we knew for sure was that we weren’t staying in Delhi, whatever happens.


#31 – Nepal, Kathmandu

Tired, jetlagged, and with an expert knowledge of Delhi’s Terminal 3 departure layout burned into our minds, we arrived in Kathmandu from a marathon 40 hour transit trip.

We were fortunate enough to have beautifully clear skies as we flew into Nepal, with stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas. Unsure if we were able to catch a glimpse of Mt Everest on the way in, the air steward we asked helpfully added ‘Well, it is a mountain range so it might be’. Very helpful!


#30 – Japan, Tokyo

In a complete contrast to being dressed up in authentic looking Japanese robes and walking through a winter wonderland of Kinosaki Onsen, Tokyo was quite the change of scene.

Although I flew into Tokyo, I had only really seen the airport and train station in a hazy sleep deprived blur, so it was with some excitement that we were heading back. The guys had arrived a few days earlier than me, so had been filling me in on their Tokyo experience, but the enormity of the whole city is difficult to explain without actually witnessing it.


#29 – Japan, Kyoto & Kinosaki Onsen

Despite having had well overly 6 months to reflect back on my trip to Japan, it’s still difficult to really get my ahead around its weird and wonderful charms, and even hard to put it into words – but here goes anyway.

The longest travel journey of my life is well underway; having not slept since new years eve, I had given up trying to work out how long I had been awake as I touched down in Tokyo, Japan. Luckily for me I was meeting the guys at the airport, and it was a nice relief to see them there, smirking away at what was a particularly messy looking self.